Monday, July 25, 2016

Another Monday

Today came another Monday. These are big days for us right now, the biggest of the week because we go to the high risk doc and see how baby girl is doing. Today was an up and down emotional roller coaster, but hey, this whole IUGR ride is!

Baby Lydia was looking super sweet as we got to see her suck her thumb on ultrasound today. She has great vitals and blood flow. My fluid levels seem to have dropped slightly. She was wiggling and looking good but the results of the measurements were disappointing. Lydia has, in 2 weeks, again only gained less than 1/2 lb and is lower than the 3rd percentile for fetal growth.

SO...... I got my first steroid shot today. Another will follow in 24 hours and I will take insulin for 5 days. The doctor has decided we will wait NO LONGER than 36 weeks to deliver. That depends on my fluid levels (amniotic) remaining ok. Lydia is doing a lot of "practice breathing" which is a great thing. The steroid shots are to cause her lung development to speed up.

A thank you to Josh who so much wants to fix things for his girls, but cannot. He just has to watch helplessly while we go through all these things, but he is being amazing. He knows much more about shots and all this than I do so that helps me. And he just is carrying us in prayer and me emotionally. I know it is hard on him as well.

Please pray as I take this insulin. I don't really know what I'm doing. Please pray I won't have drastic changes or drops in my blood sugar while I'm here alone. The boys are here but....
And please pray that this will indeed help her to be able to breathe on her own at birth. That will be 3 WEEKS!

A funny story from today- I gave myself my first shot in front of the NP so she could be sure I knew how. I drew it back and stabbed my belly like the needle was 12 inches long. In surprise she said, "um, you don't have to jab it like that. The needle is only very small (1/4 inch). You won't even feel it!" And, I didn't!!  Be afraid if I ever have to give you a shot.

So this week will hold another shot tomorrow and visit on Thursday. Multiple days of feeling like I am smothering from worry in the middle. Trying to trust God and his care of us knowing he loves this baby much more than I can. Our Zachary is at camp for the week and the other two will be home with me bored from summer getting long. They also like to prick my finger and will probably want to inject my insulin. No way. But all this worry and stress I would do all over again to see that little thumb sucker on ultrasound and know she will be here soon!


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